The 320V electric driven scroll compressor is one of the most popular compressors in the automotive industry. It is used in the A/C system of EVs, hybrid vehicles. The scroll compressor is driven by a BLDC electric motor to continually regulate its speed. It has great cooling efficiency at high speeds and is simple to install. The DC320V electric car compressor is innovative and built specifically for vehicle applications of all kinds. It provides a efficient solution for all electric vehicle needs. It has 20CC to 27CC displacement, digital and smart controls, as well as inverter technology that can handle peak demand and operate efficiently at part-load. The 6500 RPM operating range makes the smooth start function, 5 second start with multiple safety safeguards to ensure normal operation.

Guchen’s compressors are one of the cleanest and most efficient ways to cool an electric vehicle. Our electric A/C compressors are designed for maximum efficiency, and run at lower voltages than traditional compressors.Guchen’s electric ac compressor has a lot of benefits for the environment, for manufacturers and for consumers.