Absolute Shawarma, India’s Fastest Growing Shawarma Outlet. Our Recipes are Specially Crafted to Satisfy Customer’s Expectations. Looking for Franchise?

Since 2017 in Bangalore, Initially we were just a small unit operating with a handful of employees. Today, 5 years later, Absolute Shawarma has marked its presence in 50+ outlets in 15+ cities and still growing.

Our customers expect, and are served, high-quality Shawarmas at reasonable prices. Our recipes are not only specially crafted, but also monitored and tested at each stage.

From the production line at the corporate kitchen to the sales counter at every Absolute Shawarma outlet. We serve 100% authentic products at all our outlets.  Since 2017, our patrons have trusted the brand and loved it, evidence that the way to anybody’s heart is, indeed, through delicious Shawarma!