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GoLogica is offering an instructor-led. Informatica Cloud course aims at teaching the cloud-based application. By the end of the course, you should be able to understand the concepts of Informatica Cloud and how and where is used. This course covers Informatica Cloud training in detail for you to be able to take up the certification examination with ease. On successful completion of the course and exam, you will be certified Informatica Cloud Professional.

Informatica Cloud Data Integration is tailored for cloud data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure, Google BigQuery or Snowflake. With Cloud Integration Improve and simplify your data integration processes with our comprehensive and easy-to-use capabilities and designers. Increase productivity with intuitive wizards, preconfigured solution templates, mass ingestion, and out-of-the-box mappings that seamlessly integrate high data volumes across multi-cloud and on-premises environments.

Informatica Cloud course by GoLogica allows you to build complex transformations and integrations in Informatica Cloud. This course also addresses specific business processes customer, product master synchronization, opportunity to order, etc. and point-to-point data integration e.g. to on-premise end-points, as well as best practices for cloud-based data integration. You will also get an exposure to industry based real-time projects in various verticals.

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