Ambulance Services from srinagar

There are various 24hours Ambulance services available in Srinagar. Since accidents and medical emergencies can happen anytime of the day or night, or in any place, an ambulance service that is available 24hours is required. In case of such fatal accidents or medical emergencies, you can get an ambulance by dialing their helpline and request for first aid and transportation. Mentioning of the type of emergency can help the ambulance provider come well prepared. You can also request for any types of medical equipments to be added on board as per the patient’s requirements.

Ambulance Services in Srinagar:-

If you are looking for Ambulance Services in Srinagar, then you may go for Almas Ambulance. Almas is best known for their swift response and excellent first aid services for any types of medical emergencies. The charges of Ambulance service in Srinagar can vary from one ambulance to another. Distance covered during the transportation is a major factor influencing the charges of ambulance. Apart from distance covered, the type of medical emergencies requiring various medical equipments on board is also another factor influencing the cost of the ambulance.

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