Ambulance Services in Gurugram

How can I get ambulance in Gurugram?

You can get 24 Hours Ambulance Services in  Gurugram by dialing the Ambulance helpline number or by visiting their official website. There are various Ambulance companies that provide 24 hours services in DLF Gurugram. You may get an ambulance at any time of the day or night according to your needs. An Ambulance can pick you up from any accident sites or home or hospitals and drop you to your desired destination.

What is the price of ambulance services in Gurugram?

The price of an Ambulance services in Gurugram may vary according to distance, time and company. The severity of the patient injury or sickness that requires additional medical equipment will also determine the cost of the ambulance. The cost of ambulance will start from 500INR onwards and may go up according to different factors. You may demand the type of Ambulance service according to your needs. Be it medical equipments or the presence of medical personnel can be demanded according to your requirements.