Private ambulance service in Guwahati-

There are various private ambulance services available for use in Guwahati city. You may avail an Ambulance service in Guwahati city by calling the ambulance helpline number or by visiting their website. There are various facilities an ambulance can provide according to your needs. When talking to an ambulance helpline number, you may mention specific concern or condition of the patient so that the ambulance may be equipped with necessary equipments for the patient’s convenience.

Guwahati ambulance service phone number-

If you are looking for Ambulance service number of the State government of Assam and some hospitals of Guwahati, do take a look at the lists below:

  1. State Ambulance- 102
  2. Arya Hospital,Ulubari- 2606888,2606665
  3. Downtown Hospital- 2331003,9435012669
  4. GNRC Mobile ICU (Life First)- 9435344444
  5. GLP Social Circle- 2737373
  6. GNRC- 9864010000
  7. GGUMTA (Mirza)- 03623227109
  8. Guwahati Medical College- 2560457
  9. Indian Red Cross- 2665114
  10. Jhankar Sewa- 2527510
  11. Lion’s Club of Gh- 2540355,2541235,2204577
  12. Lion’s Club of Gh Brahmaputra- 2523028,2545220
  13. Marowari Yuva Manch- 2542074, 2547251

How do I get an emergency ambulance?

In case of emergency, you may get an ambulance by calling the helpline number of Ambulances in Guwahati city.

Train Ambulance services in Guwahati:-

If you are looking for train ambulance in Guwahati, then you may go for Almas Ambulance.

Almas Train Ambulance service is provided by an experienced team of paramedics and senior doctors. So, the service provider has private airplanes equipped for providing medical care while on the go.

Together with air transfer, Train Ambulance Services in Guwahati is also introduced to cater to the needs of people that find train-travel convenient and cheaper. Objective of the patient transfer service is to boost healthcare services of the city.

Now the city hospitals can refer their patients to nearby cities like Kolkata and even to New Delhi for advance tests, second opinion and for complicated surgeries.

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