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Reproductive medicine is a branch in India which has been a history of a little over 40 years. The recent advances made over the last 40 years in this field have contributed very significantly to the beginning of new techniques and developed patient outcomes. The recent advances in science and the requirement for infertility specialists has driven the demand for training in this speciality over all of the last 20 years.

As this is a speciality which would require inputs across many disciplines and a mix of clinical and laboratory-based skill sets, training programs has been evolved and changed as clinical and embryology or laboratory-based courses. Clinical training and teaching programs for reproductive medicine in our country India is presently a mix of short certificate programs, institution backed fellowship programs, fellowship programs are backed by universities, FnB reproductive medicine courses being run by the National Board of Examinations and DM programs in reproductive medicine. Laboratory based training courses in andrology and embryology include short term training programs that is focused on specific skills such as freezing, IVF and ICSI. Informal observer ship and training by great and more recently formal university identified Post graduation training programs in embryology.

With the help of recent drive to control the space of reproductive medicine started by the Government of India, the demand for formal systems of speciality training that is highly accessible across the country is receiving importance. Moreover, the role of counsellors and nurses are also gaining importance in this field, creating the requirement for structured training programs in this branch.

The  advanced era in education – Medline Academics.

Medline Academics is one of the online education training platform in the branch of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive medicine that is commenced by Padma Shri Dr Kamini A. Rao. Medline Academics is one of the exclusive e-learning education platforms and first of its kind in Obstetrics, Gynecology and reproductive science.

Medline Academics, is the online education platform of India’s most trusted names in the department of Reproductive Health. Medline Academics is the e-learning progress to scale Reproductive Education globally and this capitalizes the Ed-Tech wave to capture out this niche market.

The main intension behind building up of Medline Academics is to set foot in the subjects of Obstetrics, Gynecology endoscopy and Reproductive Medicine beginning a robust experience worldwide. Along with the best faculty Dr Kamini A Rao herself training the students virtually, it would be no less than a practical experience. She has an experience of 36 years and has trained more than thousands of mentees. Dr Kamini A Rao is also the editor in chief of the International Journal of infertility and Fetal maternal Medicine and a writer to different handbooks on Gynecology and infertility.

Building up this online platform is implementing the concept of the courses designed. The content offered by the course is honestly planned and formatted in accordance with the new field built.

Medline Academics offers the following courses

  • Fundamentals of Reproductive Medicine
  • Andrology laboratory setup and methods
  • Basic Embryology Protocols
  • Basic Infertility Course
  • Course for certified fertility nurse and many more.

The  extraordinary revolution in reproductive medicine and education- Medline Academics is launching soon:-