Bock FK40 Compressor for Bus and Coach Air Conditioner, The quality Bock FK40 series compressor is  the best selling compressor unit for bus and coach HVAC systems. FK vehicle compressor for bus and train air-conditioning GEA vehicle compressors in the FK series are the result of decades of experience in mobile refrigeration. Particularly when it comes to bus air-conditioning, they are the standard of all renowned manufacturers. Bock fk40 655k original compressor provided by Guchen Industry can be applied to the assembly of bus air conditioner. At the same time, it can be used in the after-sales market. The quality of the compressor is stable and reliable. Guchen Industry can provide continuous supply, fast delivery and good price.

FK40 compressor is particularly designed in air conditioning systems for all coaches and city buses etc.

It has many advantages like:

◆ It is very economical, providing a comfortable climate and fashionable travel environment

◆ It has a super wide application, suitable for Yutong, KOREAN Hyundai, Daewoo, JAPANESE Hino, Suzuki, UD, NISSAN, Toyota, EUROPEAN Scania, Caterpillar, Volvo, Benz, etc.

◆ The bock FK compressor is with compact design, suitable for bus a/c system in 8m to 14m coaches and double-decker buses and other bus applications.

◆ Large speed range and long service life

◆ Bock FK40 series compressor is one of popular model that for bus ac parts included Bock FK40 390, Bock FK40 470K, and Bock FK40 655K

◆ Reliable valve plate design. The world-recognized valve plate design, the suction and exhaust valves are tongue-shaped, fixed on one side. The valve disc material is high-quality impact-resistant spring steel.

Guchen Industry can provide the original Bock FK40|FK50 series bus ac compressors. The original new compressor bock fk 40 390 is used for OEM bus air conditioning units.