Book an Online Appointment for DoctorConsultation at Doktors , Doktors has made the booking process of an appointment with a doctor for online consultation very easy and quick. Doktors’ one-click booking feature on their website and app works well with both types of online consultations – immediate and by appointment. Booking an appointment online is an easier exercise than booking an in-clinic appointment. An online appointment with a doctor can be booked sitting comfortably at home. Moreover, the vital credentials of the doctors are visible to the patient, and these credentials help the patient in choosing a doctor for consultation.The Doktors app is the right choice for an appointment booking with a doctor for an online consultation.  Doctors of all specialties are available on the Doktors platform for instant consultations as well as by appointment. Furthermore, the appointment booking process is simple and fast where the option of selecting a doctor by symptoms is also there for the convenience of the users. Doctors find Doktors useful for them too, as it provides them with an opportunity to broaden their scope of practice and earnings.

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