Buy Sproud Seed Mix for Weight Management

INGREDIENTS : Mung, Fenugreek, Raddish Adzuki, Black Lentil, Finger Millet, Moth. The BOYO Sprouting seed mix for Effective Weight loss is the perfect solution for anyone looking to drop some pounds and benefit their body.

GREAT FOR IMMUNITY : Fibrous seeds present in this seed mix are not only great for fulfilling your hunger but also improve your digestive system by adding bulk to the stools and preventing problems such as constipation.

LOW IN CALORIES : Being low in calories, can help in reducing the extra weight and avoiding the intake of high-calorie junk foods.

DIABETIC FRIENDLY : These seeds are free from any added refined sugars, which can be good for maintaining insulin levels.100% vegan and Gluten-free, it includes seeds like Mung, radish, Adzuki, Fenugreek, and Moth, whose high-quality protein and fiber-rich profiles are great for stomach health and reducing cholesterol.