This unique home loan transfer facility helps customers in avoiding high applicable interest rates and also brings down their debt burden. Gruhfin is available to everyone who is looking for a quick online home loan sanction facility or wants to opt for a maximum repayment of tenure of up to 20 years. If you want to settle your outstanding loan balance easily, contact Gruhfin now! Apply Now

Home Loan Balance Transfer Eligibility FactorsAgeAnnual and monthly income number of DependentsWork ExperienceSavings and financial history Documents Required for Home Loan Balance Transfer1. Identity proof2. Address proof 3. Documents related to the existing loan 4. Last 3 month’s salary slips 5. Last 6 month’s bank statements 6. Last 3 year’s balance sheet and profit and loss account statements (Self-Employed) 7. Passport size photograph Which are the benefits of applying for a Home Loan Balance Transfer?

A home loan is a long-term association with the lender. Check out some of the key benefits of applying for a home loan balance transfer are-

Lower interest rateThere is a minimal risk factor on the lender side because of the collateral provided. This will help an individual in transferring at a lower rate of interest.

Minimal documentation has a minimal documentation process as the borrower has already submitted all the relevant and stated documents to the existing lender.

EMIsOn average, the EMIs of the outstanding balance gets reduced by 5%, but this also depends on the new interest rate offered by another lender. Apply now for a quicker loan sanctioning process! Why choose Gruhfin for the home loan transfer facility? 1. We provide an attractive rate of interest that make your home loan affordable and easier on your pocket 2. We can customize repayment options that perfectly suit to your requirements 3. There are no hidden charges or foreclosure charges 4. Our support team helps with your online account management5. You can also check and compare various home loan balance transfer options provided by several lenders with just one click6. Experience minimal documentation and top-up loan facility with you Apply Now