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RedSeer have emerged as the largest home-grown consulting firm in just 10 years of our operations, with focus on the new-age ecosystem and emerging business models.
Our exposure to wider clientele across traditional and new-age corporate, funds, deep IP and Integrated Research Approach (IRA) enables us to advise our clients on challenging business situations and opportunities.
RedSeer follows an integrated research approach (IRA) which essentially deploys multiple grounds up research approached.
It enables the triangulation of data at multiple levels and helps in creating flexible modeling of the data. Our research is
new age and tech-intensive.

What we do?
Better ROI and Valuations
Strategy for Digital Leaders
Policy Creation for Governments

Some of our credentials are:
Most Quoted Firm on Digital in Region (India, SEN,MENA)
More than 70% of the funds invested in India track portfolio performances/new investment efficacy through us
90% of Regional Online Transactions as Clients
Advised on more than US$30Bn of Transactions on Digital

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RedSeer Management Consulting,
#97, 17th Cross Road, HSR Layout,
Sector 4, Bengaluru,
Karnataka- 560102.

Phone :
702 204 8631;
910 864 8287

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