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Ant PC Dorylus cl400 Gaming PC – Rs.32,077

Product Name: dorylus cl400


Processor: intel core i3 or i5 10 generation and AMD Ryzen 5 or 7

Motherboard: Msi H510M-A Pro

RAM: 8GB to 16GB Available

Graphics Card: integrated graphics

Primary Storage: 120GB to 512GB Available

Secondary Storage: 1 TB to 4 TB Storage Available

Cabinet(Case): Ant Esports 211TG, ICE 511 MT, 510 Air

CPU Cooler: Available in many variants

Power Supply Unit: EVGA and DEEPCOOL

Support: Standard, Premium, Premium Plus

Operating System: 30 Days Microsoft 

Monitor: MSI and Samsung are available

Keyboard: Ant Esports MK1000, MK3200

Mouse(Mice): Ant Esports GM100, GM300, GM500RGB, GM320

Wifi & Bluetooth: 150mbps, 300mbps, 1gbps.

Custom Cable: Many Variants

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