Detox Diet, A toxic body is a storehouse or may be an initiator of diseases in a body. Hence, we need to keep our body clean of the toxic and harmful materials that we had eaten and are residing in our body. These days there is also so much of adulterated food that we get and we also tend to eat a lot of packaged and processed food, which gives rise to lot of toxic substances in our body, which needs to be flushed out regularly to keep our body and ourselves disease free. There are various symptoms of knowing that there are toxic substances residing in your body viz. skin problems, food and scent intolerances, allergies, frequent colds and viruses, unexplained headaches, lower back pain, general aches and pain, fatigue and low energy, etc. so if your experience any of these, you should definitely go for our detox plan. The detox plan includes:

  • One- time consultation.
  • One- time diet plan.
  • Guide on how to detox your body from time to time.