Guchen 12V DC Air Conditioner for Van, “I would like to enquire about the Ecooler 12v/24v DC Powered Air Conditioner. I would like to know the price of the product in order to incorporate this product to our project. “"Looking on technical specifications for your smallest van ac unit and power draw at 12v dc"

Guchen Ecooler2400 model is a DC powered air conditioning unit for van, camper van, trucks, cars, caravan, semi truck and other applications. The 12 volt air conditioning operates directly from batteries. It utilizes scroll Compressor inverter Technology to reduce current draw from the electric 12v compressor and the blower motor at times when max cooling is not required.

◆ It is with roof mount condenser design, large surface area with fans.

◆ With a cooling capacity 2,400w’s per hour, it’s powerful enough to cool the entire van.A Guchen Ecooler2400 12v air conditioner enables you to enjoy the same pleasant temperatures wherever you are. Powered by strong and energy-saving technology it offers high cooling performance for optimum comfort.

“I am doing research on rooftop ac units. I have a wheel house in a small cable ferry with an approximately 230 cubic foot volume to cool. I would like to get further information on your unit ECOOLER 2400 , including pricing. This would be for a 12v unit."This awesome 12-volt dc rooftop air conditioner from Guchen Industry is efficient and compact, making it a great choice for off-grid cooling