TR-550 belongs to transport refrigeration unit, for the freezer truck, chiller trucks etc, vehicles volume from 25-35m³, this model is a perfect choice. It is widely applied to meat products, dairy products, medicine, special equipment, fruits and vegetables and other cold chain transport industry. TR-550 truck refrigeration unit is special designed for refrigerated truck body to keep fresh,frozen and deep frozen ,powered by the engine of the vehicle, and it has great advantages in fuel saving, environmental and highly efficient.

Top Picks of Guchen Thermo TR-550 Truck Refrigeration Units

1. TR-550 adopts environmentally friendly refrigerant R404A.

2. It has three fans on its evaporator, it can supply strong and continuous cooling air to cargo compartment, fast refrigeration efficiency.

3. Its condenser adopt copper tube aluminum foil structure, it’s much stronger than aluminum parallel flow which is only with aluminum material, so the cooper tube condenser have a long service life.

4. Easy to install, all units are extra flat and lightweight. Easy to operate, in-cab command and micro-processor control, proven over many years.

5. It adopts the original QP16 compressor, which provide strong power to the transport refrigeration system.

6. all other accessories use world famous brands, such as Danfoss expansion valve, solenoid valve, oil separator and so on to guarantee product quality.