Bus Air Conditioning , Buses and Coaches have larger air-conditioning systems. PD Series bus air conditioners are climate friendly mobile air conditioning systems for bus applications. It uses the refrigerant tetrafluoroethane (R134a), and enables building more connected and efficient Air conditioning solutions.

How does a PD bus air-conditioning system work?

The setpoint temperature in the passenger area is regulated using heating elements in the passenger area: these are situated both under the seats and on the side walls. The roof-mounted bus air-conditioning system helps to maintain the setpoint temperature. With these, the proportion of fresh and recirculated air is regulated according to the ambient conditions using ‘passenger area control’. Here, the air is filtered through interior air filters installed as standard and, to some extent, with activated carbon filters. Further on, the used air is discharged through separate ducts. With active ventilation, the used air is permanently purged from the vehicle interior through these ducts, which guarantees seamless air circulation.

Benefits of PD series Bus Air Conditioner?

PD bus HVAC systems are used to provide comfortable temperature, humidity and clean air in coaches, buses, city buses etc. It can be configured in a variety of ways or models, depending on their application and the functions of the vehicle. PD series air conditioner provides air filtering and/or cooling/warming and dehumidification.


1. Bus AC Compressor Brand: VALEO,BITZER OR BOCK

2. Fan&Blower Option: Brush or Brushless, Local or International Brand

3. Condenser Coil Option: Micro ChanneL, Copper Tube and Aluminium Fins

4. Double Compressors Optional