I guess itwould have been a lot harder back in the day but today, making a chatapplication is pretty easy. You don’t have to spend much energy on it, all youhave to do us use a clone script. You might find a few if you search forWhatsapp clone script or telegram clone script on google. These clone scriptsare prebuilt applications that you can customize according to what you need.You don’t even have to do it yourself, the companies selling these clones willdo it for you. Even if you want it for your business, this is the most feasibleoption. You can even integrate these systems into your already existingapplication without much trouble.

Just makesure you find a good clone from an experienced company with a good track recordin this kind of a thing. The world of social media is evolving every day, ifyou have a killer idea with you, you can definitely give the competition a runfor their money. Just look at how many applications have gone through ourcellphones over the past 10 years. People might be a little reluctant to newthings but if you give them something worth their while, they’ll definitelystart using it. And who knows, maybe Facebook will like the idea and buy yourcompany. If you’re into that kind of a thing that is. Hope thishelps.

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