Video conferencing software like Zoom have been lifesaversfor people all over the world especially during this time of lockdown. Peopleneed a platform that can do more than just make video calls and send instantmessages. If you think you have a great idea for a video conferencing solution,the best thing you could do is a Zoom clone script. With a zoom clone, you cancreate professional-grade zoom like app with your branding.

There are companies out there that make really good zoomclones and they can customize these scripts for your business. I suggest you gowith this option because it will save you a good amount of time, and of course,money. You are starting a new business and you do want to make profit from it.The best way to do that is to A, have a good idea, and B, spend as leastcapital as possible.

These ready-made clone scripts would be your best bet insucceeding at something like this. Just choose a good company with experiencein making good quality clone apps, and has the expertise to help you out onceyour platform is online.

They would need to help you out from time to time forgetting rid of bugs and making updates. A company that can also take care oflunching the app on the Play store and Apple store would be best. Hope this helps.


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