Interim Management, Hire Glocal is one of the best recruitment agencies and top placement consultants and an expert in Interim ManagementInterim Management is the supply of Senior Executives and experienced talent on a contractual basis for meeting short-term business goals. The notion is common in advanced economies and is gaining traction in India. Today, more and more professionals are willing to explore short-term high-level engagements rather than commit to a single firm. Having the best recruitment resources at hand and using top recruitment consultants to fill the gap in your leading firm is what Hire Glocal is skilled at. With decades of placement experience in servicing short term recruitment needs has helped Hire Glocal to become leading recruitment consultancies in India and preferred partner to many national and international clients.

Hire Glocal’s Short-term Recruitment Specialists are highly skilled and can assist organizations in dealing with any business problem, such as:

  • A top executive’s abrupt departure/loss.
  • An unexpected rise in workload.
  • To lead management and employees through the implementation of new procedures or processes.
  • Starting a business.
  • The act of closing a business.
  • Efficiency in terms of cost.
  • Managing mergers and acquisitions.