Low Price CT Scan Test near me in Delhi, A CT Scan typically combines various rotating X-Rays along with hi-end computerized processing to initiate a more detailed ‘picture’ of the inner structures of a body – including bones, tissues, and organs. A CT Scan is generally done on a patient's spine, heart, head, chest, abdomen, face, and knee. During a CT Scan, the body is made to pass by a tunnel-like machine that rotates through a 360-degree arc as it takes pictures in rapid succession. These images are eventually fed into a computer to produce an ‘all-around’ 2D snap of any part of the body. While the process of CT scan starts the contrast (substance) is taken by mouth or through an injection to see all the organs more clearly. Top CT scan centre of Delhi, India for getting the best laboratory services at an affordable price visit Ganesh diagnostic centre.

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