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SEO is a fast-paced and one of the influentialfield. It can lead someone to rank at the top of search engine but sometimes itcan also be a failure, if you’re using outdated tactics that no longer usedwork. So it become very crucial that one should be aware & learncontinuously about SEO.

SEO is all about get search online for whatpeople are searching, the answer they are looking for. For all this queries,knowing the responses that will best answer their questions will permit you toassociate with the people who are searching on the web for the solutions youoffer. It also involves the activities like creating quality content aroundspecific keywords & also optimizing them when required, and buildingbacklinks which will make the site more attractive to the search engine whichwill affect your raking.

Without SEO , Google would have difficulty while picking awebsite to rank #1.Search engine take multiple factors into consideration,which includes website quality, popularity, and user satisfaction.

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