SmitCorporation is the leading manufacturer in the filed of constructionequipment, We offer Highly Productive and Accurate  which requires minimumMaintenance. Smit Corporation is  Cement Concrete Mixers Suppliers in India 

Smit Corporation offers greatly handy Portable Baby ConcreteMixer, which is quite useful for civil works. It can mix cement, sand forplastering. It can also mix cement, sand and concrete for small jobs. PortableBaby Concrete Mixer is used for smaller volume works, so that the concrete canbe made at the construction site, giving the workers ample time to use theconcrete before it hardens.

We offer the highest quality One Bag Concrete Mixer, which isused to mix cement, sand & other aggregates to produce cement of therequired grade. We Emphasize on maintaining stringent quality standards inorder to ensure that the One Bag Concrete Mixer provided to our clients alwaysperforms to its optimum level.

We also  offervarious models of Cement Processing Machine like

Vibrator Needles, Petrol / Kerosene Vibrator, Electric HandyConcrete Vibrator, Bull Float, Texure Comb, Fixed Form Concrete Road Paver,Portable Baby Concrete Mixer, Power Trowel Floater (Electric Or Petrol), WeighBatcher Concrete Mixer, Concrete Groove Cutting Machine, Weigh Batcher, Ride OnTrowel | ROT