Top 10 Fertility Doctor in India | Best Fertility Centre in Hyderabad | Fertility Centres In Gulbarga, Dr.PadmajaDivakar is a gynaecologist with 25 yrs stand inObstetrics, Gynec& Fertility and a proven track record with flawlessservice all along without a single mishap whatsoever on or off the operationtable on surgical side, with good rate of success in IUI, IVF, ICSI &Surrogacy like A.R.T.Procedures for all last one decade and the evidence infogiven in our website is speaks volumes about that, poised to serve the less fortunateinfertile couple worldwide, in distress to have a baby to make up a family; andher Lawyer husband Mr. Divakar Reddy who had a brisk legal practice , joined tosee her success in this unique venture.