Top Selling DC 320 Volt Electric Compressor, As one of the best selling e-compressor in automotive industry, 320v electric driven scroll compressor is widely used in A/C system of EVs, hybrid vehicles. A BLDC electric motor drives the 320 volt A/C compressor, to continuously regulate the compressor speed.

It is featured by great cooling efficiencies at high speeds, and easy installation.The 320V DC compressor is used to air condition your car. It compresses the R404a refrigerant, and raises its temperature higher than that of the surrounding air. Then, the compressor forces the refrigerant into the condenser. The innovative DC320V electric car compressor is dedicated designed and manufactured to provide a efficient solution for any electric vehicle applications.

• 20cc to 27cc displacement,digital and smart controls, the 320v dc compressor can meet peak demand and run efficiently at part-load, inverter technology

• 6500 RPM operating range

• Soft start function, 5s soft starting with multiple protection to keep the normal operation of the 320v electric compressor.

• Internal digital controller, It is a well-designed HV compressor with smart control strategy, which can lead to a good reduction in energy consumption, electricity saving.

• Brushless technology, BLDC electric motor technology

• Compact design with increased energy efficiency

• IP68 rated