TR-350TS Van Electric Standby, The main benefit of an electric standby system for reefers is your fuel savings and emission reductions. Electricity from a battery costs less to use up than diesel fuel, meaning every period in which you utilize electric standby saves you money as you burn less fuel. Giving your engine a rest also translates to fewer fill-ups for your drivers, saving them time as well.From an environmental perspective, using less diesel also cuts down on total emissions. Incorporating electric standby, then, creates a new path for pursuing sustainability as a company. That said, even if this is not a major value of yours, some states have stringent emission regulations electric standby allows you to meet.

Electric standby system is a newly-developed technology for refrigerated truck fleets to keep the vehicle refrigerating normally when the vehicle stops. It reduces fuel consumption and with less noise. Guchen Thermo integrated electric standby units includes TR-450S, TR-550S, TR-760S, TR-350TS van unit etc. All the models have served for more than 30 truck makers in the world.