Edurific is a Mumbai based EdTech start-up whose main focus is to share knowledge about Robotics, AI, IoT, and various other coding related topics with the kids of the new generation. Edurific makes sure that the kids are getting proper knowledge about what they are getting into by providing Live 1:1 lessons. Not only this, Edurific provides the curriculum heads from Germany, UK, US, and India who excel in their fields to bring out the maximum potential of the bright minds. The teaching staff is specially chosen from an Engineering background who have enough coding experience which can help in shaping the youth.


Edurific provides the best coding classes for kids. In the past 3 months, Edurific has had 200+ students with more than 99% class completion rate. During these 3 months, Edurific has expanded in 4 different countries. To channelize the interest of the students in a positive direction, Edurific also provides interactions with International faculty to shape the child’s interest in their field. Edurific also provides these kids with a chance to create novel projects and earn a certification with a Ph.D. student to make sure that these kids bring out the best out of what they have learned. To solve their doubts anytime in the future, Edurific provides a Future Tech mentor for life absolutely free of cost.