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What Is PEP ?

Post exposure prophylaxis ( PEP) is a systemic treatment in which we can save life of a patient and help him to prevent from becoming HIV positive. Any possible exposure which will lead to HIV infection including sexual intercourse with sex worker and during that condom gets burst or having intimate massage at massage parlor; the person is exposed to direct contact that can lead to the possible exposure to HIV. And, any health worker who gets exposed to any instrument prick like needle, cannula or any other sharp instrument during any surgical or dental procedures or in case of medicine abuse cases the exposure to needle pricks or children playing in playground exposed to any mucus membrane crack exposure or during any bus, train accident, the chances of impurity can take place. This is possible in case of sexual assault also.

Is PEP safe to use?

PEP regimens most again and again used are Tenofovir (TDF) combined with either Lamivudine (3TC) or Emtricitabine (FTC). These medicines are also used as the preferred first- line authority in treating HIV. In three- medicine rules the protease- impediments Lopinavir (LPV) or Atazanavir (ATV) can be added. Preliminarily a two- medicine rule was specified due to fear of resistance if a third medicine was added. Still, a three- medicine authority is less poisonous and better allowed. The three- medicine authority is sadly not available worldwide, and some countries prefer the two- medicine authority due to the merit of their lower cost.

 In addition to medicine resistance PEP has possible side effects which n’t should be overlooked. Furthermore, it’s important to not use PEP constantly  and habitually. However, Prep should be considered rather of PEP, If this is the case for the existent. The same side- effects as mentioned in a previous blog on side- effects of ART apply to PEP. The most again and again seen are gastro-intestinal problems and skin-rashes. The most important are lactic acidosis, order function problems, hepatitis or liver failure. Before starting treatment function of liver and kidneys should be examined.

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