ORCHIDS The International School is one of the few CBSE schools in JP Nagar (CBSE Affiliation No: 830354) to use digital learning techniques and stands atop amongst the reputed schools in JP Nagar.

The school introduces a larger picture of the education system with its eminent curriculum that incorporates every needful element i.e. academic and extra-curricular activities in the right percentage to aid the holistic development of a child. Central Academic and Research Team (CART) at the heart, facilitate this mode of curriculum designing and implementation in the school.

The curriculum, specially designed by CART follows a very unique philosophy ‘SHARPER Theory’ that gears up the learning experience for the students with amiable teaching methodologies. We aim to set an academic mindset in our students to make sure they never stop learning, be it any experience or challenges in their life.

Parents looking for Best Schools in Jp nagar 7th phase can visit us since we have majority of students enrolled from this regions and are also located nearby.