Whenit comes to bringing real customers into your restaurant, increasingly the bestway to reach them is online. Our recent research shows that  78% of people looking for arestaurant include the type of cuisine in their online search. One way toconnect with people looking for a local restaurant or pub is to list yourbusiness on places like Yelp, Google, Facebook and other popular directoriesand social platforms.

Time and time again, thebest way to bring more customers into your restaurant is by finding themonline. What’s better is letting those customers find your restaurant onlineinstead. In order for this to happen your restaurant needs to be listedeverywhere online. Every directory and citation could lead to new customersfinding you online and coming to your restaurant.


The best thing is you usually only need to dothis once. While you will get more out of most of these directories if you’reactive on them, simply setting up a listing in the first place is hugelybeneficial.