School managementsoftware is an application software for schools to manage student data. It isan interactive platform for all the entities of school like students, teachers,administrators, finance department, parents and staff, properties, etc. Theinformation can be shared easily with authorized users, records searched andreports generated at will.

This software coverseach and every department of the school and makes functioning of anyeducational institute effortless. This software is designed keeping in view therequirements of the particular school. The software provides a secure databasestructure with a login authenticated system that organizes stores and retrievesreal time information. Owing to increase in difficulty of manual management,the software is always up to date and error proof.

Key features of theschool management software are. It connects all educational stakeholders atschool, thus communicating with each other easily. Teachers have the advantageto communicate with other teachers and develop properly planned techniques toteach along with having access to grades of the students and attendance of themfrom the period they joined the institution. Parents are also brought to lightabout their ward’s performance or connect with the teaching staff throughparent portals. Parents can be made aware of absence of their kids, theirgrades as well as school events taking place.

This is also a verycost effective alternative to management, which is reason for it gainingimmense popularity in a very short period. Better workflow, demand for web basedaccess, increase in demand of amount and frequency of data, importance ofintegration of information are accountable for implementation of softwaremanagement software. The school management software is a package with variousbenefits. Here are a handful of them. They help:

• Automateregistrations and admissions
• Manage students information efficiently
• Manage classes and subjects according to requirement
• Automate time table with a number of options
• Manage school transport and library department
• Trace students and staff attendance
• Staff salary and expenses management
• Maintain grades and create a grade book
• Analyze performance of a class
• Automate examination management system